Terms of sale
The sale of products on www.cartolerialasibilla.it is governed by the following terms of sale:
1. The parts
1.1. BILLI ANNALISA’S STATIONERY SHOP LA SIBILLA, hereinafter “The Seller”, conducts its online business through the website www.cartolerialasibilla.it, hereinafter “online store”, and directly addresses the “End user”.
1.2. "End user": any person who has reached the legal age and purchases goods from the aforementioned website for non-commercial, resale, and/or rental purposes.
1.3. The Seller can edit or amend the current “General Terms and Conditions of Sale” at any time. Thus, the client will be asked to accept the “General Terms and Conditions of Sale” each time during checkout.
1.4. The End user, hereinafter the Client, should carefully read the “General Terms and Conditions of Sale”, accessible via the link in the email they receive upon “order confirmation” following checkout.
2. Purchase
2.1. Product Outline: each product listing will contain a photograph and a “Product Outline” which will contain the following:
a) a general description.
b) the price.
2.1.1. General description: this will be a brief description that denotes some characteristics of the product. This can include non-standard vocabulary and can include words that are not directly related to the product.
2.1.2. Price: the price displayed on the product outline and in the “catalogue” is the sale price including VAT, but excluding shipping fees, customs duties, or other charges pertaining to the Client’s country of origin and/or the shipping destination. BILLI ANNALISA’S STATIONERY SHOP LA SIBILLA reserves the right to change prices at any moment and without notice. The client will be charged the prices given at the moment of checkout.
2.1.3. Photos: even though the photos are taken with care, it is possible that the photographs may not faithfully represent the product. As a consequence, La Sibilla Stationery Shop will not be liable for any graphical misrepresentations of the products shown on the online store. The photo should thus only be considered as an example. The product being sold will only be photographed in a single form and colour.
2.2. Product selection and shopping cart: products can be selected by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. The “Shopping Cart” can contain one or more products and can be edited at any moment before the “Order confirmation”. Additions to the Cart may be made both from the catalogue and from the Product Outline.
2.3. Order confirmation: the purchase can be confirmed after the “General Terms and Conditions of Sale” are accepted and the required information such as billing and shipping details of the goods listed on the “Order confirmation”, or in other words, the list of the products contained in the shopping cart including the shipping and handling costs.
2.4. Mode of payment: before the order can be accepted, the client must choose one of the following modes of payment available on the online store:
a) PayPal.
b) Bank transfer.
a) PayPal: if PayPal is selected, the Client must follow the instructions available on PayPal’s website.
b) Bank transfer: if bank transfer is selected, the Client must make a payment to the bank whose details are available within the online store. The payment is approved once the Seller’s account is credited. The Seller reserves the right to accept as payment a receipt of the bank wire transfer, e-mailed to cartolerialasibilla@alice.it.
2.5. Order acceptance: the seller retains the right to refuse the order, in the event that the Client has not complied with the proper purchase process, has not accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, or has not provided all the information required for shipping and billing of the products, or if the payment for the order has not succeeded, such as in the event that Credit Card payment is selected and the bank has not given authorization for the Client’s credit card to be charged, or in the event that bank transfer payments are selected and the payment is not credited to the Seller’s account within three (3) working days of the Order confirmation, or in the event that PayPal payment is selected and the account of the Seller is not correctly credited.
The order total includes the sum of the sale prices of the products, shipping and handling fees, and is processed through either mode of payment selected by the Client and/or the modes available on the online store.

2.6. Order acceptance: the Client accepts his/her own order by electronically submitting the Order confirmation, as per article 2.3, to the Seller.
The Order confirmation is proof of the Client’s acceptance of the order and of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
2.7. The Order confirmation will be archived in our database for the period of time required to process your order as provided by law.
2.8. The language of the contract agreement with the Seller is Italian.